Clothing List

Chihuahua’s love to be pampered and live like the kings and queens they are, all while looking tiny and adorable. I’ve put together a few of the best reviewed outfits for your Chihuahua.

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The most notable mention for your chihuahua, is of course the sombrero for your dog! The straw woven sombrero is perfect to fit your little chihuahua and look adorable while wearing it. The hat comes with an elastic cord that can go under the chin or around the neck so the sombrero can be worn off of the head as an accessory.

The durable, hi-quality sombrero comes with a money back warranty although it has the best ratings and reviews, I’m sure you’ll love it. Toss this on your chihuahua and you’ll have a smile on everyone’s face.


the poncho for chihuahuas is perfect to match the sombrero for an authentic look for your little Chiwawa. Made from real Mexican blankets, these ponchos are all 100% handmade hi-quality material. Dress your baby in only the best!

ponchos aren’t only for dressing up to look funny or cute, they wrap around your chihuahua and give it warmth and comfort. Chihuahua’s are prone to trembling from being cold or thunderstorms may also scare them. Stable, comfortable Velcro straps make the poncho secure and never uncomfortable to wear, also with a harness loop for when you want to take them for a walk.

Expawlorer fleece vest

To really keep your chihuahua warm in winter or other cold seasons, this fleece vest is highly rated. High quality soft fabric that looks adorable. Comes in many different colors, pink, purple, blue, grey, green, red. Comes with a leash hook on the vest for easily attaching your leash.

no straps or Velcro that may make this uncomfortable,made perfectly to fit your dog without causing discomfort. Comes with a cute pocket on the back that just adds to its adorability.

Jean jacket hoodie

it may or may not be out of style for humans, but a jean jacket will always look cute on chiwawas. Comes with a hoodie that’s more just used for style and not to put over their head. If you love to dress your chihuahua up to look adorable, this is one of the cutest.

dress up indoors or outdoors to help keep your dog warm and comfy and feeling secure. Machine washable so you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean. Your chihuahua is going to love this one.

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