7 Wallet friendly gifts for your dog

Owning a dog can be expensive where we least expect it to be. Normally we only consider dog food as the only expense needed but that’s not the case at all. Some dogs need clothing to stay warm and harnesses which are much better and safer than collars. Then we also forget we want to spoil our dogs a little bit too, thankfully there are some inexpensive gifts and things we can buy for our dogs that won’t hurt our wallets. Here’s a list of 7 must have inexpensive essential gifts for your dog.

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MALLOOM Classic Sweater is the perfect wallet friendly gift for your dog. with the fall and winter season upon us, our dogs need to stay warm, especially smaller dogs that are more sensitive to colder climates.

Made from polyester and breathable mesh, this inexpensive dog harness will be exactly what you need for dogs who pull when out on walks. Comes in 6 different colors and extra small, small, and medium sizes to fit your small dog just right.

Gaorui Lovely Strawberry pet house is a favorite for those little dogs that enjoy feeling enclosed and secure while relaxing. not only is this little house for your dog cute, but it also comes with a removable washable pad. comes in many colors and sizes, the perfect gift.

The highly rated Bella Bowl is a best seller for good reason. The stainless steel interior keeps bacteria and odor away while the beautiful design on the exterior is anything but basic. coming in different colors and sizes to match your households interior, this is the perfect dog bowl that wont shrink your wallet.

The microfiber food mat is the perfect compliment to your dogs food and water bowls. The mat is made to create both a top and bottom non slip surfaces so everything stays where it should. Made to absorb spills so your floor stays clean. machine washable and very cute for the price on this amazing food bowl mat.

The soft-moist blue buffalo treats are made with chicken for the first ingredient. made with no by-products, soy, corn, or wheat, its the perfect real meat treat to gift your dog. Also good for training purposes, dogs love these treats so much they will learn anything you’re trying to teach them in a breeze just to get another.

Keeping our dogs in the best health is important, so we cannot neglect dental health either. These finger toothbrushes are soft, safe, and effective when it comes to cleaning our dogs teeth. simple to clean and easy to reach those hard to reach areas, these toothbrushes will make brushing your dogs teeth a simple task. An inexpensive but essential need as a dog owner.

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