Best Chihuahua harness

Harness or collar

If you’re struggling to decide on either a chihuahua harness or a collar, we definitely recommend a harness for your chihuahua. The harness prevents any harm and discomfort that the use of a collar has. Chihuahuas may act big and tough, but are very small and fragile. Any strong tug while using a collar could seriously harm it.

Chihuahua safety

For safety and comfort a chihuahua harness will evenly spread any pressure across their torso and not on their throat. In case you need to quickly pull your chihuahua away from something, the harness is the best choice. The collar may be faster to put on, but a harness for your chihuahua is the safest, and can also be cute too.

Chihuahua harness size

As one of the smallest dogs in the world, with a breed that varies in torso sizes, it’s important to know which chihuahua harness size to buy that will fit perfectly. When measuring the neck, you must take the measurement from the base of its neck. When measuring the chest, you should be measuring from behind it’s front legs. Remember also that the neck hole must be big enough to fit over your chihuahuas head.

All of the pictures here are amazon products and in each description they show sizing charts so you may accurately choose which chihuahua harness is a perfect fit. If you see one you like, just click on the image. Looking for more cool things for your chi? Go back to our chihuahua products page.

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