Chihuahua Pug mix - The Chug 1

Chihuahua Pug mix – The Chug

Chihuahua pug mix

Chugs: The quintessential combination of two ideal breeds of canine

Chihuahuas are probably the cutest and most charming breed of dog but are aggressive and protective towards their owner. Over the years, the dog had different names like “Arizona dog” and “Texas dog.” Its official name comes from Mexico’s most significant state Chihuahua. It holds the record for one of the smallest dog breed in the world. There are recorded incidences where these small but active canines saved lives and averted during danger. It is also one of many celebrities favorite dog choice as a pet or a companion. 

Pugs come from a long line of royalty and history. Named after a monkey, Marmosets pugs shared similar traits with the animal. Emperors kept the canine breed as lapdogs that enjoyed all the pampering and luxuries of royalty. Pugs are loyal partners and the ideal companion because they command a perfectly adaptable personality.

Chihuahua mixed with pug

Chihuahua mixed with pug breed

In recent times, owning the chihuahua pug mix breed is becoming a popular trend among many dog lovers. A mix breed of Chihuahua and pug was lovingly called chugs, which is an amalgamation of the canine names. Chug is not a thoroughbred dog. A chihuahua pug mix breed can produce a blend of personality, appearance, and physical trait, which is a complete surprise package. All such characteristics are dependent on the parent breed.

Distinct qualities of chug canines

Also known as designer or luxury dogs, the chug is the ideal companion for small dog lovers. Because of its small size, it makes for a portable carry-on that people can take anywhere. It represents a unique mix of the canine breed that comes from a long history dating back 2,000 years in ancient China.

The process of rearing mix breed canines is famous in the 21st Century as it brings out a unique blend of qualities in the offspring. Chihuahua mixed with pug breed is the perfect example of eccentric classification that occurs when the two ideal genes combine. It has been successful in bringing about some reliable attributes from the mixture of both breeds:

Pug chihuahua mix

1. Physical features of chihuahua pug mix dogs

• There is no way of telling how the combined gene of a chihuahua mixed with pug dog will look. But, judging from the firm and robust physicality of the pug, the result will likely have a sturdy build. 

• The Chihuahua weighs approximately 6 pounds and stands at a minimum of 5-7 inches. The Pug, on the other hand, weighs 14-18 pounds and stands at 10-13 inches. So, a chihuahua pug mix breed will probably weigh between 10-16 pounds.

• The one standard features that both canine breeds share is the saucer-like large eyes. So, it is logical that the chihuahua pug mix breed will have the same characteristics as its parents.

• When it comes to facial aspects like the nose, ears, and mouth, both breeds have their distinct features. A chihuahua pug mix breed will acquire a little of each parent’s qualities. However, it will display more features of the genetically stronger parent.

• Regarding the color of the fur, a chug fur will vary between chocolate, cream, fawn, black, and apricot.

2. Characteristic nature of chihuahua mixed with pug canines

Both breeds of dogs have some similar quality except for one or two, so when it comes to the mix of these two genes, the result will display coinciding traits. Some matching features that pass on to chug are:

• Both dog breeds have a pleasant, attractive, and lively side to them which will certainly pass down to the chihuahua pug mix breed.

• Chihuahua and pugs are loyal and loving towards their owner, so there is no doubt that a chihuahua mixed with pug breed will possess the same emotions.

• Chihuahuas generally have a bossy attitude and love getting attention. Pugs, on the other hand, are headstrong, stubborn, and love to entertain drawing attention. A chihuahua pug mix breed may inherit the mixture of such innate features. But with proper training at an early age can straighten and result in a well-behaved chug.

• The average life expectancy of a pug is 12-15 years, while Chihuahuas can live up to 12-20 years. With the combination of both years in total, a chihuahua mixed with pug breed is bound to enjoy a longer life expectancy.

Pug mixed with chihuahua

3. Health concerns of chihuahua mixed with pug dogs

It is every dog lovers and dog-keepers responsibility to care for their canine companion. Every dog has their share of health problems which is treatable. Chihuahuas and pugs also have their fair share of health complications, but with the right care and timely attention to details, they can survive any ailments.

Chihuahuas and pugs commonly suffer from eye disease and heart problems except for the trick knee that Chihuahuas suffer. Due to such illnesses, a moderate climate is ideal for both breeds. Similarly, the offspring of chihuahua pug mix breed will fare well in a temperate climate. 

In the case of people located in cold places you can use blankets or jackets for their chug dog. Acquiring the traits of both the parents, chugs probably are healthy dogs and can survive well. It is precautionary to make sure not to expose chugs to extreme weather conditions and potential threats like toddlers and hostile dogs. Because of their small size, they are prone to accidents in the hands of babies and other aggressive dogs. 

4. Taking care of chugs

Chihuahuas with smooth coat hair need less maintenance whereas, the long-haired coat needs regular brushing. Pugs also have a soft and short layer of hair which needs less grooming. A chug may acquire any of the hair coat types. Experts say that chugs will inherit the traits of a parent who has the dominant gene. Either way, there is a need to have proper grooming regime to keep the dog clean and away from infections.

There is also a need to have routine ear cleaning, brushing, trimming of nails, and bathing occasionally. It is essential to wipe and dry the crevices to avoid bacterial infection.

5. Exercise and training regimes

With any breed of dogs, it is a cardinal rule to let them know early on who is in charge. Training a chug and getting them to stick to a regular regime is difficult in the beginning. However, once it gets acquainted with the rule of the house, it follows diligently.

Chugs are playful and spirited, so taking them for exercise will not be hard. But it is important not to overexert them considering their heart-related issues.


Initially, people living in small apartments adopted small-sized dogs like the chugs. But over time even prominent families started to breed them these days. The combination of the chihuahua and the pug makes it even more appealing to people who love both breeds of dogs. Health problems are bound to be present in every kind of canine so that should not be an issue. 

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