Shy or timid chihuahua 2
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Shy or timid chihuahua

Being one of the smallest breeds of dogs, a shy or timid chihuahua is a regular problem. There are many reasons why this may happen which actually has little to do with their size, and more to do with their environment. Let’s take a look at reasons why your chihuahua is shy or timid, and […]

Quickly potty train your chihuahua 4
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Quickly potty train your chihuahua

I’m sorry about your carpet, that poor carpet. Everything will be ok, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you the best way to quickly potty train your chihuahua. The process will work for puppies and full grown chihuahuas. Although it’s important to note that chihuahua puppies may take a lot more […]

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Are chihuahuas good with children?

In the proper conditions, chihuahuas can be good with children. Although without any kind of training for both your chihuahua and your child, both may have some kind of accidents or injuries. Chihuahua’s are very loyal and protective of their owner and more importantly in this case, can be very jealous as well. There are […]

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Types of chihuahua

Understanding the types of chihuahuas When it comes to the different types of chihuahuas, there are only two official different types of chihuahuas. The two types being categorized by their coat length, the long haired and short haired chihuahuas. Although that being said, there are a few other unofficial different types of chihuahuas that aren’t […]

why chihuahuas shake
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Why chihuahuas shake

Is my chihuahua ok? This can be answered in a number of ways, there are a few factors when trying to figure out why chihuahuas shake or if it is cause for concern. The main reason why your chihuahua is shaking could be one of the main reasons humans shake, to warm up. Cold chihuahua […]

Chihuahua Sleep Apnea 5
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Chihuahua Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea? Sleep apnea is a not so well known sleeping disorder that causes the person or animal or your chihuahua to stop breathing in the middle of it’s sleep. Either by obstructions of the airways, allergies, the position they sleep in, or just because they get so relaxed their brain is forgetting […]