Chihuahua teething info

The chihuahua teething phase can be a difficult phase to handle for many chihuahua owners. Your chihuahua will constantly be uncomfortable and will be chewing on everything it can get it’s little teeth into. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the chihuahua teething process, from the chihuahua teething age – to ways to ease discomfort.

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Is Your Chihuahua Overweight? Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

No pet owner wants their pup to be unhealthy and overweight, do they? Chihuahua’s are full of life and plenty of personality, so if you own one and they are looking slightly podgy and you are concerned about their well-being, then it may be time to take some action to make sure they are as happy and healthy as possible.

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Teacup Chihuahua – Facts and information

Look at a chihuahua and it is impossible to fall in love, look at a teacup chihuahua and you might as well be in heaven. Chihuahua’s are naturally small breeds of dogs, but just recently the designer “teacup” craze has made its way to chihuahuas. These extra small, extra loveable dogs are highly desirable in the teacup dog world, but many don’t understand what they are or how they came to be.

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Blue chihuahuas

What is a blue chihuahua?

A blue chihuahua is a chihuahua that has what’s called the Dilution gene. This gene is also known as MLPH or “Melanophilin” and has a strange effect on the pigmentation molecules of hair on dogs resulting in a blue appearance. Black or other coats with the Dilution genes will get a sort of greying effect to it, and in the right lighting, it will look blue. Other effects of this gene may give the Chihuahua’s nose a blue appearance as well.

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Merle chihuahuas

What is a Merle chihuahua?

When bringing up types of chihuahuas, a Merle chihuahua isn’t an official “type” recognized by the AKC for chihuahuas, but rather a special coating type for dogs. The Merle is a gene modifier that affects the pigmentations in dogs that changes the color of their coating. The gene also affects the color of their eyes which normally results in blue eyes or more unusual colors.

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Brindle chihuahuas

What is a brindle chihuahua?

When referring to a brindle chihuahua, we aren’t speaking on a type of the breed, but rather on the color and patterns of the chihuahua’s coat. The coating of a brindle chihuahua can be described as “striped” or “blotchy” or “streaked”. The dark stripes on brindle coats may have the appearance of “heavy” or “light”. A heavy brindle will give the chihuahua more of a dark appearance, while the light brindle will be much less of a dark dominant overall color.

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Chihuahua names, naming a chihuahua made easy

Naming your chihuahua dog can be fun!

For some of us, we just need to see some examples before we can get the brain ticking with the creativity we need to name a chihuahua. Being dogs with a very large personality, you may enjoy choosing a name that fits its character. A funny, ironic name for these tiny dogs is a popular choice. The name “Hulk” may seem funny, but if your chihuahua destroys everything, then I’d say it’s a perfect fit.

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Shy or timid chihuahua

Being one of the smallest breeds of dogs, a shy or timid chihuahua is a regular problem. There are many reasons why this may happen which actually has little to do with their size, and more to do with their environment. Let’s take a look at reasons why your chihuahua is shy or timid, and then we can figure out about how to make your little chi more confident.

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