Chihuahua Jack Russell mix - Jack Chi 1

Chihuahua Jack Russell mix – Jack Chi

Two of the most amazing dogs in one tiny package, the Chihuahua Jack Russell mix. Also known as the Jack Chi or the jackhuahua. These two breeds together can be either your worst nightmare or a wonderful delight. Both of these breeds are packed with personality that is sure to keep you either entertained or busy keeping up with them.

To understand the Jack chi’s temperament, health, and size we first need to understand both breeds in the mix. 



Height: 6 to 9 inches

Weight: 2 to 8 lbs 

Life span: 14 to 18 years

A strong and proud personality lives inside chihuahuas despite their tiny size, not afraid to take on very large threats head on, though they are aware of how small they are. Extremely loyal to their owners and will defend them through anything. They are straight and to the point to let you know if they want something. They can be difficult to train and require plenty of love. 

Jack Russell 

jack russell terrier

Height: 10-15 inches 

Weight: 14 to 18 lbs

Life span: 12 to 15 years

The Jack Russell is a handful to say the least. Extremely intelligent and stubborn, these dogs will challenge your wit every step of the way. Show them love and they will love you back and be very loyal to you with never ending kisses. Easy to train due to their intelligence and it is highly recommended that you challenge them. Once trained, you will find Jack Russells can be very well behaved. Very high energy dogs, Jack Russell’s will be running around the house at high speeds, with a very high maximum jump height. 

Jack Chi – Jackhuahua

jack chi

Height: 7 to 14 inches 

Weight 5 to 17 lbs

Life span: 13 to 17 years

The best of both worlds, the Jack Chi is the perfect dog for most all families with few exceptions. The little size of the jack chi makes it not only the perfect little dog to cuddle with, but also one that might lick your face off with love. Raising a chihuahua Jack Russell mix can be difficult for families with newborns or inexperienced dog owners. The chihuahua side makes this dog very expressive, vocal, easy to put into some kind of fit. The Jack Russell side makes this breed very intelligent, hyper, and often at times defiant. A strong minded owner is needed to make sure this dog doesn’t take advantage of you.

Training a Jack Chi

Training a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix can be easy or difficult, depending on which traits the dog inherited from the parents. Jack Russell’s are very quick learners when it comes to training, but chihuahuas can be very stubborn. The positive reward method has always shown great results when it comes to training both of these breeds. Giving a little snack or happy praises whenever your dog pulls off a trick.

chihuahua jack russell mix

Grooming a Jack Chi

Grooming a jack chi is normally a simple task since both breeds are small dogs, weekly brushing is normal for most cases with the exception of a long haired chihuahua parent passing on a dominant gene. In the case of a long haired parent that has passed on a long haired trait, you may need to brush daily.

 Bringing your dog outdoors can cause dust or debris of leaves or any other dirty substance to latch itself onto your jack chi’s coat. Normally brushing can fix little things but sometimes a bath is just necessary to clean your jack chi’s coat effectively. Bathing your Chihuahua Jack Russell mix doesn’t have to be very often either, once every month or every other month should be sufficient enough unless your dog is just really smelly or dirty.

Jack Chi health problems

Both Chihuahua’s and jack russells are normally long lived dogs, but they still do suffer from regular health problems that can be for the most part prevented although some not. Hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia, deafness, patellar luxation, are a few to note.

Some eye and ear problems as well as dental may come up but could be prevented with regular checking and cleaning. If any serious health issues for your jack chi do arise, don’t hesitate to take him or her to your local veterinarian.

How much does a Jack Chi cost?

A regular price range for a jack chi should be around $200-$700, some unsavory breeders may try to pass the jack chi off as a designer dog to fetch a much higher price. We suggest going to shelters around your area to look to see if they have any jack chi’s that need adopting. Chihuahua’s are one of the breeds that heavily populate shelters and are in need of a new home.

Jack Chi Diet

Being a small and energetic dog makes keeping in shape a breeze, although some can be lazy or over eaters. Snacks shouldn’t include more than 10% of its diet while also finding size or breed specific food brands that will be formulated for your exact dog to benefit it perfectly. There are many to choose from, although there are a few well known brands that make different types for specific sized breeds that could fit your needs.


The chihuahua mixed with jack russells can be an amazing household pet for you and your family that will be loyal and always keep you entertained. There’s no need to pay an extremely high premium for the breed because with a few phone calls to some local shelters, I’m sure you could find a nice jack chi without much trouble. Be sure to contact us and send us pictures of your little pupper and we will toss them up on this page. Thank you 🙂

chihuahua mixed with jack russell

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