Chiwawa Dog FAQ

How fast can a chihuahua run?

A full grown average sized chihuahua can run approximately 15-20 mph. Some smaller chihuahuas may run a bit slower of course.

How Much Should a Chihuahua Puppy Eat?

All too often people think that a Chihuahua puppy shouldn’t be fed too much or he will grow too much. It is the biggest cruelest rumor circulating around new owners of Chihuahuas. So I beg everyone, feed your puppy as much as he can eat. Size is pre-determined genetically. If you feed your puppy too little, you will only achieve him having poor health in adulthood, while his size will remain the same. One more thing: sometimes, even so-called “breeders” (if they can be called that, since they ignore health, as long as they have some money in their pocket) advise new owners not to feed their pups too much.  This really is complete nonsense.

How much should my chiwawa dog weigh in two months?

Often places a question which is almost impossible to answer. Each Chihuahua grows differently. There are faster or slower growing lines. It is not important how much you puppy weighs right now but how much you love it. Then everything is just right and it will grow just fine. The only way you can judge how much it will weigh in adulthood is the parental line were details you might find from your breeder.

What does it mean when my dog keep sliding on its bottom?

It usually means that you dog has blocked anal glands. Chihuahuas suffer from this quiet often. You can release the pressure yourself at home using the guide on our pages or you visit your vet to help you. If you need to do so the first time and you have never seen it done in practice I recommend a visit to your vet for guidance. Another possibility is that you puppy has worms. In that case take part of your dog’s excrement and take it for analysis or use worming tablets. You can obtain worming paste or tablets at your vet’s practice.

When do I start training my puppy?

You need to start training your dog immediately after bringing him home. The necessary home rules have to be set. It needs to learn what not to chew, should learn its name and the recall, should learn to week at designated place and it also needs to learn to socialize with its new pack. It needs to get used to people, new things, other animals and various noises. The real dog training of various skill you can leave for later, at about the 5th month of its life. But the bases should be set in already.

My dog is about 6 month (up to 10 months) old and it stopped listening, why?

The puberty period started. You need to be thorough with your training and lead your dog to obedience. If you feel that when you give your command your dog will not obey it, than don’t give it. A consistency pays back.

What is “fontanelle”?

Similarly to a human baby where the skull has a soft part on top of their head your puppy has one too. It will grow harder in time. In very small Chihuahuas where the fontanelle is large it will become smaller but may not disappear fully. There is no reason to worry about. If your dog has a large fontanella do make sure it doesn’t hit his head too hard. A large fontanella is 1 or more cm across.

My little dog has its old and new teeth at the same time, is it right?

Permanent set of teeth starts replacing the milk teeth. It is common in Chihuahuas that some milk teeth don’t fall out, in particular the canines. They might need to be taken out by your vet. IF your dog would have both sets at once for too long it could lead to dislodging of the new permanent set. A recommendation for pulling the milk teeth is in the 9th month. The rule is not to pull the milk tooth out when there isn’t a new tooth already out.

Neutering your dog (or spaying your dog) as a prevention matter?

My opinion to spaying is not to do it unless your chiwawa dog has a medical indication. It isn’t a simple procedure and for your chiwawa dog it could have some serious consequences.

Can I breed long haired Chihuahua with a short haired?

Yes, But puppies will always be either short or long haired. Two long haired Chihuahuas can have short haired puppy but two short haired Chihuahuas will not have long haired pup.

Our puppy was at two month hairy like a teddy bear and now had lost all his fur, what shall we do? (in period of 3 to 5 month)

It is absolutely normal to go through the period of “the ugly duckling”. Your puppy is shedding its fur to be replaced by adult fur. There are many food supplements available on the market for the fur growth e.g. dried seaweed, salmon oils and similar.

Our Chihuahua breaths strangely, it seem like she is suffocating, what is it?

If she or he doesn’t do it very often it is actually quiet common thing in Chihuahuas. It isn’t really dangerous for her or him. The cause could be a hair stuck in the throat, wrongly swallowed saliva, dust or even a stress. It is usually useful to hold your dog by its chest with both hands, head up and swing your dog upwards. It looks similar like if you’d play with a small child “throwing it up in the air”. Do not let go of your dog. If you do this several times over your dog should feel a relieve. You can also soothe you dog calming it by your voice, saying shhhhhh, good dog,…. If it happens too often (several times a day) you need to contact your vet to eliminate more serious problem.

Is it good to brush my dog’s teeth?

Yes, it lowers the risk of dental plaque and decreases the smelly breath. Ideally use a enzyme-tooth paste for dogs and clean your dogs teeth with child’s tooth brush or a special dog’s toothbrush. Some owners use the toothpaste on their fingers and rub it into the dog’s teeth. Better results are reached by using a tooth brush.

My Chihuahua got stung by a bee or a wasp, what shall I do?

It all depends if your Chihuahua is allergic to it or not. At the first time you cannot be certain if she is allergic you have to keep a watch to see the reaction or if she starts looking rather strange. If she starts vomiting, swells or has diarrhoea take her to your vet. The allergic reaction appears usually within the next half hour. So if you feel that you Chihuahuas seems ok than visit to the vet isn’t necessary. Just cool the sting area and leave your Chihuahua near her bed with plenty of water. If you know that your Chihuahua has an allergy give it the anti-histamine prescribed by your vet. The most common supplement is Zyrtec, Dithiaden. Always speak to your vet about the necessary dose. Always carry on you the medicine if your dog is allergic.

My Chihuahua has diarrhea, what shall I do?

An ideal would be a diet of cooked chicken meet with rice and carrots all mixed in meat stock. Some people give them Smecta or digestive charcoal. A Probican paste is also very good for a dog with diarrhoea. If your puppy has diarrhoea, try to helping him as much as you can, but if the problems last more than two days take it to the vet to prevent dehydration.