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Chihuahua mix breeds

We all love the purebred chihuahua, but we also can’t help but love a chihuahua mix breed. Cute and adorable can be taken to the next level when mixed with other dog breeds. The sizes, looks, personalities, colors, and overall health of the dog can all differ depending on the exact breeds in the mix. We’ve put together some info on many popular chihuahua mixes as well as some history of cross breeding.

Designer breeds

The coined term “designer breed” is a recently popular phrase that appeared sometime in the last few decades made popular by celebrities and media. Hybrid dogs exist all throughout history and the different breeds today are mostly all the result of mix breeding. A designer breed is the intentional breeding of two purebred dogs to create a desired mixed breed.

Chihuahua mix breed
Cute chihuahua mixed with a dachshund

Some examples include the puggle, the labradoodle, and the yorkipoo. All names that have been merged in a manner that is more cute and perceived as more desirable so the breeders may fetch a higher price tag for these breeds.  Of course there are some health benefits that may be included in cross breeding such as hypoallergenic dogs. The fancy designer names may be a means to extort a higher price tag out of buyers, but that doesn’t stop people from buying the exact mix breeds that they want.

Chihuahua mixes are no different, people love chihuahuas and the opportunity to mix a chihuahua with another dog breed that they want is something that will seemingly continue forever. Although we suggest searching shelters and adopting chihuahuas in need of adoption. Chihuahuas are one of the most populated breeds in shelters looking for adoption.

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Breeding a chihuahua mix

When breeding a chihuahua mix, the result won’t always be the same. A chihuahua and a pug for example may bring a head of a chihuahua with the body of a pug, or the characteristic colored mask of a pug on a Chihuahua’s face. The colors, bodies, personalities, health, shapes and sizes all can vary widely depending on the breeds or even types of chihuahuas you’re mixing together. Imagine a breed of chihuahuas and Great Danes running around. You may have some larger troubles on your hands.

As always we suggest checking shelters or organizations to see if there are any chihuahuas up that needs to be adopted. Although if you have your mind set on going to a breeder for your designer chihuahua mix, make sure the breeder is reputable and experienced. You should confirm that the breeder only breeds purebred, registered dogs without any hereditary health problems.

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