Chew toys for chihuahuas

Your chihuahua has plenty of pent up energy that needs to be burned off, chewing or playing is one of the ways to get out all that energy. Toys for chihuahuas are pretty easy to choose, a little rope or some denta sticks even that can get in-between the little cracks between teeth to help keep good dental practices. Making sure your chihuahua is chewing on toys or chew snacks and not your furniture is also important.

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yunkingdom 12 pack small dog toys

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midlee x-small dog tennis balls

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BUIBIIU Dog Toys Small Dog Chew Toys

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Multipet Gumby Plush Dog Toy

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Douglas Cuddle Toys Carlos Chihuahua Plush Dog

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HDSX Squeaky Latex Dog Toys

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Bone Dry Medium Rectangle Pet Toy and Accessory Storage Bin

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Bone Dry DII Large Hyacinth Bone Shape Storage Basket

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Pethiy Canvas Dog Toy Basket Basket for Dogs Toy Storage