Long legged chihuahua – Deer leg chihuahua

The long legged chihuahua or also known as the deer leg chihuahua, also sometimes simply referred to as a deer chihuahua, is a name given simply to describe a certain attribute of having longer legs. Not to be confused with the “deer headed chihuahua” which just describes the shape of the chihuahuas head.

The two official recognized types of chihuahuas are only long haired and short haired chihuahuas, but for the sake of simplicity, we will still refer to them as a type of chihuahua.

Different kinds of deer legged chihuahuas

You may think that since you have a deer legged chihuahua, that it must also have a deer head as well, but that’s not the case. There seems to be no relation to the deer head and the deer leg chihuahua. They are able to be either head shape and either coat length. There seems to be no relation to coloring for a deer leg chihuahua as well.

Breeding history of long legged chihuahuas

The history of the chihuahua has a lot left to be discovered and with a long unknown existence and terrible record keeping about chihuahuas, the exact breeds known to have brought along these long legged chihuahuas are unknown to an extent. It’s accepted that the chihuahua is bred down from the ancient techichi which also had similarly slightly longer legs according to some texts. Perhaps the long leg chihuahuas are more strongly kept to a more pure blood line of the techichi.

There also seems to be some people that think the name deer chihuahua means that chihuahuas were somehow bred with deer somewhere down the line, please stop thinking this, that just sounds ridiculous.

Long legged chihuahua - deer leg chihuahua

What does a deer legged chihuahua look like?

The attributes of a deer legged chihuahua are quite noticeable and easy to see, the visibly longer, thinner legs are much different than your average chihuahua that has legs that are much more tiny and stocky by comparison. Some owners of long legged chihuahuas report that the longer legs also gives them the ability to run faster and jump much higher than average chihuahuas.

What are your experiences with long legged chihuahuas? Comment and let us know.

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