Chihuahua teething info 1

Chihuahua teething info

The chihuahua teething phase can be a difficult phase to handle for many chihuahua owners. Your chihuahua will constantly be uncomfortable and will be chewing on everything it can get it’s little teeth into. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the chihuahua teething process, from the chihuahua teething age – to ways to ease discomfort.

Chihuahua puppy teeth

Newborn chihuahua puppies go through typically the same teething process as humans do. They are born without teeth and in a short time the baby teeth begin to grow in. In around 2-3 weeks of age the puppy teeth will begin to sprout and in 2-3 months all of their puppy teeth have grown in.

In around 2 weeks you should see the puppies incisors begin to show, shortly afterwards the puppies canines and lastly the premolars. A full set of puppy teeth, commonly referred to as “milk teeth” or “deciduous teeth” should be grown in within 3 months or less.

Chihuahua adult teeth

From losing their baby teeth – to their adult teeth completely grown, the process will be around 3-8 months time.

How many teeth do chihuahuas have?

A full set of adult teeth will contain 42 teeth in total for a chihuahua. A puppy with its baby teeth will have 28 in total. It’s important to regularly check the growth of adult teeth as your chihuahua puppy is teething to make sure there are no abnormal growths.

If you notice a puppy tooth isn’t falling out and is making an adult tooth grow in abnormally then you should schedule a visit to the vet. Don’t try to pull any baby teeth out on your own as you could harm your chihuahua and cause an infection if the tooth just isn’t ready to come out yet.

The discomfort of teething

The discomfort that comes from a teething chihuahua is for the most part tolerable with the correct chew toys for your chihuahua to bite on. There should only be cause for concern if the regular activities of your chihuahua are drastically changed, such as eating, sleeping, playing, grooming. If you notice a concerning lack of these activities you should schedule a visit to your vet.

Teething chihuahua chewing
Cold fruits can help with teething

Appropriate teething tips

Anything and everything left out during this time is going to be chewed on. Make sure to keep things you don’t want chewed on put away, such as any shoes or slippers or any baskets of objects you may keep on the ground.

If you see your chihuahua chewing on something you don’t want it to chew on, then replace it with an appropriate chew toy. I recommend against letting your teething chihuahua chew on your fingers as it could grow comfortable biting other people.

The chew toys that are best that you would want to consider are more than likely ones that are a smaller fit for your chihuahuas small mouth, ones that you can wet and throw in a freezer are good for relief from teething also. Another one to consider are toys that are more squishy and can form to the little cracks and crevices between the teeth to help ease the discomfort. Amazon does have a wide variety of appropriate chew toys to choose from.

Many puppy owners also give their teething puppies frozen or cold fruits or vegetables to chew on as a way to ease some discomfort. The phase will come and pass so give your puppy some slack for chewing on all your stuff. If you have any methods that you’ve used that’s helped you through your phase, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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