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Blue chihuahuas

What is a blue chihuahua?

A blue chihuahua is a chihuahua that has what’s called the Dilution gene. This gene is also known as MLPH or “Melanophilin” and has a strange effect on the pigmentation molecules of hair on dogs resulting in a blue appearance. Black or other coats with the Dilution genes will get a sort of greying effect to it, and in the right lighting, it will look blue. Other effects of this gene may give the Chihuahua’s nose a blue appearance as well.

Blue chihuahua

Are blue chihuahuas rare?

The Dilution gene is not a dominant gene, it is recessive. Meaning that it is quite difficult to produce a blue chihuahua. Even by breeding two blue chihuahuas together, (not a good idea) it may not result in a blue chihuahua puppy. Blue chihuahua puppies are one of the most sought after coatings on a chihuahua, and will dent your pocket book for a large chunk of money.

Blue chihuahua puppy

How much do blue chihuahuas cost?

There are a number of factors to consider when figuring the prices of the Chihuahua. The health, the appearance, the breeder, all have a relation to the cost for the dog. Some coatings may only be partially blue mixed with other colors, while some may be a full blue. There are also blue Merle chihuahuas and blue brindle chihuahuas. The prices can vary for each by an enormous margin of around $1,000 – $10,000.

Cute Blue chihuahua

Breeding a blue chihuahua

The Dilution gene is a recessive gene, meaning that even if you breed two blue chihuahuas together, chances are low you will produce a blue chihuahua. Both of the parents must have this recessive gene for the chance to birth a blue chihuahua puppy. It’s also important to remember that breeding two blue chihuahuas together is a bad idea, doing so increases the risk of health problems. Some argue that there are no additional health risks involved with breeding two blues together.

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